Sonic Electronix sells damaged product

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I bought a Pioneer sub-woofer from Sonic Electronix.The order was shipped out right away and I received it the next day.

When I opened the box, the bottom of the sub-woofer was damaged. I called them right away and they told me that they would start a claim and that it would take approximately 2-5 days, but that they would keep me informed via e-mail. I waited for 5 days and no emails came through. I called them and they said that they did not send me the proper paperwork that I needed to fill out to complete my claim.

It seems like they don't want to take responsibility for the bad products that they ship out and will not do anything to resolve your issue.

If you are planning on purchasing from them, be aware of the bad quality products that they ship out and read their policy carefully.Also don't fill out any ratings from them until you recive the product and you are completely satisfied, otherwise they keep getting good ratings that they don't deserve.

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Sonic Electronix - Don't trust SonicElectronics, (sonicelectronix) they don't really warranty

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4 month ago I bought a pair of Pioneer Speakers and a Kenwood CD Player from All of the items I ordered claimed to include a 1 year warranty. When I got the box, I noticed that the CD player's cables looked cut, and had tape residue on them, and the speakers looked new, but the boxes were in very poor condition. I called them, and was put on hold. Nobody answered my emails either. I just assumed they were busy and had Bestbuy install the system in my Civic, and everything sounded great, except for one speaker that didn't work, and the CD Player wouldn't play CD's.

Again, I called them to be put on hold, and spoken to rudely. I finally got an RM number to send back the Radio and speaker, (I paid the shipping). That was 3 months ago, I've waited ever since for the radio back, and when I call, they keep changing their story to say that I never ordered from them, and they never received the radio etc.

I should not have tried to save a few dollars, the money I've lost so far was not worth it. :(

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If you do not believe my review try to call them yourself.

Trying to call them for 2 days but can't get customer service person to speak to.

Item was ordered few days ago and it is not shipped yet. I assume they have it on backorder but co not tell that to their customers.

Will not patronize this place because they do not treat their customers like they should


Received used, damaged equipment sold by Sonic as new. They refused full refund despite the fact that they misrepresented the product. Beware!


i have the same problem with them. omg


purchased a dvd player for our minivan from sonic.Description stated that the order included game controllers and a game disc.

We received the order and it did not have the controllers or disc. Contacted the company and they said it was a promotional item and they are sold out. Also when we tried to install the product it was defective and would not even read DVDs. It kept ejecting them.

We contacted customer service about these and they said what we purchased was junk and that we should return. We were told that we would have to pay shipping and a restock fee!!!!

On defective product?Now I am scared that we will never see a refund!!!

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